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Author: Ray McCarthy

Dental Tourism

If you are considering dental treatment abroad it is important to reflect on some key issues pertaining to treatment beforehand. with complex treatments involving the provision of implants, crowns or veneers comes increasing risk of post-treatment complications particularly with treatment normally taking several months being compressed into much shorter time frames to appeal to patients It is critical to obtain a frank and comprehensive cost-benefit analysis first from providers and not to have benefits overstated to the detriment of disadvantages flowing from what is invasive, irreversible...

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Is tooth grinding really related to stress?

The answer is maybe but it’s not necessarily a direct cause and effect relationship. This is because there are two distinct types of tooth grinding or jaw clenching behaviour (bruxism in scientific terminology). One occurs during the day (wake bruxism) and the other at night (sleep bruxism) and they differ in terms of their behavioural characteristics. The daytime variant is strongly stress related whereas the role of stress is less clear in nightime bruxism which is associated with sleep arousals or disturbances in the sleep pattern. We don’t know for sure whether effective stress management...

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